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Sample Questions

Sample questions


Aug, 2017

Sample of an Outline

Sample of an Outline

Explain the role of sustainable development ideas in the modern world

2pages,  3 sources, university, essay, APA,

Introduction (first paragraph-100 words.)

                -general statement: Sustainable development is sometimes defined in terms of how visions are expressed and used to generate outcomes (Gladwin, Kennelly & Krause, 1995).

                -scope of the essay: this essay will investigaterole of sustainable development ideas in today’s world.

                -thesis statement:sustainable development is the most important factor that enables the world to use recycle resources effectively in order to reduce wastage thereby ensuring a better tomorrow.



paragraph2: first idea-sustainable and poverty reduction: the idea of sustainable development is at the heart of efforts by various countries to introduce measures that can lead to poverty reduction especially in rural areas (Siegel, 2005).

Subheading 3



overall, the idea of sustainable development matters a lot in today’s world because it enables nations to solve numerous socio-economic problems such as poverty.



Gladwin, T. N., Kennelly, J. J. &Krause, T. (1995). Shifting paradigms for sustainable development: Implications for management theory and research. Academy of Management Review,20(4), 874-907.

Siegel, P. (2005). Using an asset-based approach to identify drivers of sustainable rural growth and poverty reduction in Central America: A conceptual framework. Chicago, IL: Pearson Publishers.



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